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C/C++ Walkthrough Pops Up Online

By Doug Caverly

Programming languages are sometimes taught during the course of expensive university classes. Would-be learners can also take their chances buying thick $35 books. But a walkthrough called "Learning C/C++ Step-By-Step" has become available online for free in a development that's both nice and useful.

Any and all thanks should go to a HowtoForge member who has adopted the screen name "ganesh35." He created the 16-page guide (the pages are rather long) out of a desire to serve the C/C++ community. And it runs from a simple "What is C?" intro to some fairly complicated stuff.

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So if you - or some people you know - are looking to learn something new about these programming languages, the guide should be a valuable resource. It's liable to come in handy for old pros who have forgotten a trick or two, as well.

Then (not to insult ganesh35), even if you've got everything down pat, the guide's probably still worth a read; you might discover a section that could use a little tweak and thus serve the community yourself. (Do this sooner rather than later, since a translation into the Chinese language seems to be underway.)

Not a bad way to start 2009, eh? As a positive side note: a search for possible story topics this month also turned up a number of ads for C/C++ job opportunities.

About the Author:
Doug is a staff writer for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest eBusiness news.
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